Michael Crist – Shine On 100k

What If You Could Replace Your Full-Time Income By Selling High-Quality P.O.D. Jewelry (Without Running Your Own Store, Holding Inventory, Or Ever Speaking To A Customer)? Introducing… CLOSED – Back in 2021!   My Story… Why do some people absolutely crush it? And then others fight tooth and nail for every $1 they earn? I’ll

Jason Hornung – Academy of Advertising

This Is What’s Working With Digital  Advertising Today AcademyOfAdvertising.com helps entrepreneurs, media buyers and marketing agency owners to make ads pay! Get proven strategies, processes and systems being used RIGHT NOW on every major ad network to create & scale profitable ads… You’ll also get help implementing these strategies into your advertising from our founder,

Kerwin Rae – Nail It & Scale It

Nail It & Scale It: A three day intensive masterclass that will skyrocket your business growth and profit. What’s holding you back from unlocking exponential sales growth? Business growth isn’t where it needs to be Numerous plans and strategies haven’t helped you drive an increase in profit year on year. Your work life balance is

Isaac Ruble – Unzuck My Agency

How to Get Thousands of Leads for Local Businesses With YouTube Ads “there’s virtually no competition…it’s CRAZY!” The first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one… And if your business relies on the platform you just came from… Then YOU HAVE A PROBLEM… So you can remain in denial…OR click the button

Brian Johnson – Optimize Coach

OPTIMIZE COACH Master yourself. Serve heroically. Empower others to do the same. Let’s change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and us. Today. “The magic juice of this program has been the combination of three awesome aspects: the quality of the content + the intensity of the learning + the