Gene Maryushenko – E-Com Swipe

    What You Get:   Hey friends 👋 Let’s face it, everyone wants to sell more stuff and make more money in e-commerce. The only problem is that sometimes it’s not so easy. Conversion rates can be far from ideal. People add items to carts only to never complete the purchase. For newcomers, it’s

Ben Settle – Infotainment Jackpot

    What You Get:   The 21 most profitable ways I’ve used to combine information with entertainment (what “infotainment” means) to collectively help generate tens of millions of dollars in sales between my own business and back when I did client work. Here are just a few of the secrets I taught that day,

Ben Settle – Email Client Horde

    What You Get:   A special kind of sales pitch the “mad man” era genius David Ogilvy used to pack his agency with some of the best clients on the planet.(And, how to apply what he did to your business’s emails so you can do the same.) Page 24 A counter intuitive way for getting

Ben Settle – CopySlacker

    What You Get:   A fast and effective way (taught by sex therapists to men with erectile dysfunction) to get over the “blank page hump” and kill writers block dead. (Page 143) How to create nearly instant belief about you and your product in your copy if you’re just starting out and nobody

Ben Settle – Copy Troll

    What You Get:   A bizarre (yet ingenious) way to use a plain text email to (1) make almost anyone trolling you look like a buffoon (2) potentially get a windfall of new business and (3) create a stronger company brand at the same time.(Believe it or not, I first learned this in