Melissa Henault -The LinkedIn Method Academy

HERE’S THE PROBLEM: You’re spending WAY too much time on social media looking for clients and business partners. You’re spending WAY too little time in direct conversations with like-minded professionals who would actually love to hear about the business opportunity or service you have to offer. I see so many painstakingly trying to drag potential clients

Miha Matlievski – FrameWork4Freedom

  You can become an expert entrepreneur and build a recession proof business from the ground up in less than two months with my bulletproof process. I promise you, you won’t find this special offer anywhere else. Introducing Framework 4 Freedom Teaches you how to start a sustainable 6-figure business. Uses proven and tested processes

Shelby Fowler – Fempire Ads Academy

INTRODUCING Fempire Ads Academy     A 12-month program where you’ll learn how to run successful Facebook and Instagram ads. You’re getting experienced mentorship (from my team that run ads for a living), results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, on-demand training, and a community of ambitious, focused business owners.   SalesPage (more info)  Archive Shelby Fowler

Laura Palladino – Smart Social

Ready to unlock the next level of scale? Social is the key. You might be wondering, “Is social media still relevant to a modern digital brand?” Social isn’t just relevant; it’s probably the most important part of a sustainable marketing strategy, and it’s usually the missing piece of the puzzle for brands that have plateaued and want to

Daniel Throssell – The Market Detective

Market Detective is my original, five-step, graded system for doing market research on any freelance copywriting job. It is as close as possible as you’ll get to a step-by-step system for doing market research. Ask your client this. Check their answers for X, Y and Z. Call up this person, and say that. If that’s not enough, go to this website, and look for this. Send