Amanda Bond – The StrADegy System

Explode Your Audience. Automate Your Results. Welcome The StrADegy System is the ultimate course for entrepreneurs who want to create scalable, predictable revenue with Facebook ads. Inside the program, we’re combining foundational sales psychology with high-level Facebook wizardry…and amping it all up with accountability, expert support, and live access. When you join The StrADegy System,

Dan Henry – Sold Out Courses

“How Just One Evergreen Webinar Built Our 7 Figure Online Course Business” EXCLUSIVE Training With DAN HENRY: ​The new model of selling online courses that doesn’t require Launches, Joint Ventures, or building a huge email list. How to make your competition irrelevant and never worry about making sales, even if you don’t consider yourself a

Dan Lok – Perfect Closing Script

Are Old School Sales Methods On Their Deathbed? Why These 8 Famous Sales Techniques Turn Off Today’s Cautious Buyer…And What You Should Do NOW Instead So is Forbes actually right when they say “traditional sales” are ineffective? 10,857+ sales scenarios from our pipeline yell: HELL YES! Old-school sales techniques are deader than a doornail…. Most

Michael E.Gerber – Radical U

Welcome to Radical U™ Go Beyond E-Myth with Michael E. Gerber in the only Trade School for Entrepreneurs. Follow the proven 8 step business building system used by the most successful entrepreneurs. The 2 Most Common Problems Entrepreneurs Face     When your business idea starts as an exciting opportunity but then takes over your life…