Grace Lever – The Retreat Project

      What You Get:   Retreat Foundations   Kickstart your first VIP Retreat with this foundation training. Join Grace as she walks you through your retreat’s outcome, pricing, location, duration, dates, and more… so you can launch faster without the guesswork.       Your Retreat Inclusions   Get total clarity on what

Grace Lever – The Mindset Project

        What You Get:   Doers Mindset Foundations   Discover the Mindset Foundations essential for building a profitable, lifestyle business.       Aligning Goals and Values   ​Identify the key values for success in your business… Without value aligned with goals, you’ll always struggle to hit them. In this module, you’ll

Alex Gray – Lead Gen Masterclass

      What You Learn:   Developing your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) for you or your clients Developing a compelling Unique Sales Proposition (USP) for you or your clients Building lists of verified ICP prospect data (and how to segment them to get the best results) How to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you

Troy Casey – Breath Is Life

        What You Get:   I WANT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO BE RELAXED, GROUNDED, AND HEALTHY AGAIN TOO   In the years since my recovery from the toxic black mold,   I’ve taken my buddy’s 3 step breathing method and added to it, creating a simplistic approach that reprograms the diaphragm

Shreva Pattar – Money Call$

The Only System You Will Ever Need For Turning Prospects Into High-paying Clients Confidently And Systematically, Over Text Or Phone Call         What You Get:   Money Calls Guide   Smash your mental barriers & fears, and learn a repeatable system to conduct outstanding calls with your prospects. Even if you’ve never