Dr Joe Dispenza – The Formula Online Course

  After more than 10 years of independent research on personal transformation, the science behind spontaneous remissions and healings, and the most effective ways to intentionally create a new reality, Dr Joe Dispenza designed an introductory-level course filled with cutting edge knowledge, information and practical step by step guidance. The Formula consists of twelve 30-40

Jack Canfield – Breakthrough to Success Online

Discover the Step-by-Step Roadmap to Unlocking Your Full Potential and Creating the Life of Your Dreams       What You Get:   10 Powerful Modules of Training   Life-Changing Training at Your Fingertips – So You Can Start Living Your Best Life Today! This Ultimate Masterclass makes my complete Breakthrough to Success LIVE program

BossBabe – Online Launch School

READY FOR THE BIGGEST ONLINE LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS HAS EVER SEEN?         What You Get:   Online Launch School is a 12-week program designed to walk you step by step through a successful launch of your online product or service. It’s for you whether you’re just starting out or you’re re-launching something