Ed Latimore & J.K. Molina – The Templates

        What You Get:   Get Triple-Digit Likes and Double-Digit Retweets – PER TWEET (Even After The 2021 Algorithm Changes)     Introducing The Templates:   Over 500 viral tweet templates, thread starters and sales tweets that just catch fire. Reverse Engineered by Latimore.   Get paid $2k/mo ghostwriting by Molina (Included

Scott Oldford – 7 Day Cash Campaign

        What You Get:   What type of 7-day campaign will work for you… What type of campaign to focus on… What you need to do based on that campaign and how to manage your marketing and sales based on the campaign… What to do if you have an audience to generate more sales… How to realign

ClickMinded – Email Marketing Course

        What You Get:   How email marketing fits into your business   Why email marketing is fundamentally different than any other channel out there (and how to convince ANY client, boss, or teammate to invest in email marketing) Simplifying the way you think of email marketing: there are only THREE types of emails and TWO methods

Donvesh – The Agency Cashflow Roadmap

          What You Get:   Module 1 – The Basics   ✅ Golden Research Strategies, to find that information prospects HAVE TO react to ✅ An Experts Landing Page to easily convince prospects you’re the real deal ✅ A Pricing Calculator to generate the maximum amount to charge         Module 2 – Zero