Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

At Last! Discover The Largely Unknown Secret Of Human Behavior That Few Have Mastered To Gain Instant Trust, Compliance & Rapport Without Using Unethical Tactics. ELI WILDE PRESENTS  NLP FOR SALES     LEARN WHY SO MANY SALES “EXPERTS” AND PERSUASION GURUS ARE THROWING AWAY THEIR OUTDATED BOOKS AND ADOPTING THE NEW WAY.     During this

Frank Kern – Evergreen Email Machine

  What We’re Doing   We’re BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST using your choice of ten different list-building strategies. We’re building a system to MAKE AS MANY SALES AS POSSIBLE within 7 days of someone joining your list. We’re crafting “CASH ON DEMAND” emails that can be used as “spur of the moment” broadcasts for same-day-sales. ​We’re building an automated

God Tier Ads Workshops

    What You Get:   Ecommerce videos include:   Feed Optimisation for ROAS & Scale   In this hour I cover:   Rules and supplementary feeds. Tried and tested product segmentations. Loads of ideas to test and examples throughout.     The BIG 70-point Audit   A deep (2 hour 13 minute), structural audit

Chris Palmer – Group SEO Consulting

    Achieve SEO Dominance with Help from Chris Palmer Marketing 7x More keywords on the first page of Google     If it takes too long or costs too much to do yourself, we’ll make it profitable for you.   Internet Marketing Services   Google Business Profile Citation audit, building and cleanups: quick and

Leon Castillo – Selfmastered Evolution 3.0

    What You Get:       1 Identify bottlenecks & validate growth opportunities   Selfmastered proprietary diagnostics provide an accurate analysis of the performance of the business and the entrepreneur leading it. Use this diagnosis to identify bottlenecks, understand the gap between your current and your desired situation, and validate superior growth opportunities.     2

Jackson Zaccaria – The TikTok Academy

    What You Get:   Self-paced 2-3 month course to find your style, build a tight audience, and start signing customers and clients.     In 6 weeks or less, you’ll learn the roadmap on how myself and other students are leveraging TikTok to turn followers into clients FASTER than any other platform.  From finding a

Dave Kaminski – Steal My Secrets 4

101 Profit-Making, Time-Saving and Problem Solving Secrets, Hacks & Tools For Your Online Business That You Never Knew Existed…     What You Get:   It’s Like a Roledex of Answers To To Your Online Business Problems   In fact, any one of the secrets I share could save you weeks of wasted time, bring