Shreva Pattar – Money Call$

The Only System You Will Ever Need For Turning Prospects Into High-paying Clients Confidently And Systematically, Over Text Or Phone Call         What You Get:   Money Calls Guide   Smash your mental barriers & fears, and learn a repeatable system to conduct outstanding calls with your prospects. Even if you’ve never

Grace Lever – The Kickstart Project

      What You Get:   Learn how to embrace the 7-figure Female Entrepreneur mindset and avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks many fall into; Define your why, your message and your “voice”, even in a saturated market; Discover the three stages in the evolution of a successful coach or consultant and learn the steps you need to take

Neil Strauss – The Money Game 2.0

Everything you need to build wealth, live a stress-free life of abundance, and finish rich… even if you don’t know anything about money             What You Get:   Module 01 The Inner Game of Money   Discover the core beliefs of the world’s wealthiest people, and what’s currently preventing you from

Alex Berman – LinkedInbox

        What You Get:   This is a complete collection of the entire back and forth conversations between customers we messaged on LinkedIn.     You’ll see:   > The initial message > Every follow up > Each of their responses > The secret lines we use to get them to book