Build Grow Scale – User Testing Mastery

    What You Get:   Module #1 Introduction   Why user testing is your new unfair advantage Course content and expectations explained     Module #2 What is User Testing?   User testing defined Overview of the entire user testing process Ideal customer avatar explained     Module #3 Brainstorming the User Testing Tasks

Mike Warren – Distressed Property Lien System

    What You Get:   Discover how to collect 5-figure paychecks in weeks, not years, from residential and commercial property liens. And you never have to buy, sell or rent property!     Step-by-Step Training Manual Legal Forms/Contracts/Scripts Works Perfect with Remote Property Lien System   SalesPage (more info)  Archive Mike Warren – Distressed

Adrienne Richardson – Home Team ADvantage DIY

    What You Get:   STEP-BY-STEPtrainings that take you through the RIGHT Facebook Ad strategy needed to generate sales for low ticket funnels. Correct PLACEMENT protocols and TARGETING selections needed to reach your ideal clients so you can get the highest conversion rate possible from your ads. How to choose the right budget for your product and revenue goals. How to track data, interpret data

Dan Henry – Legacy University

    WHAT YOU GET?      Sold Out Courses  This program includes everything you need to know to turn your expertise into a profitable online business. We cover offer creation, audience growth, advertising, and scale so that you can use your knowledge to make a profitable impact.    High Ticket Selling Everything you need to

Todd Brown – Your Winning Offer

    WHAT YOU GET?   You get the Winning Offer Creation System with your access to the half-day Accelerated Intensive recorded training… so you can have Winning Offers for all your new funnels going forward.     You get the Winning Offer Construction Bundle… the Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and all the Winning Offer Templates… so it’s brain-dead