David Kadavy – Design for Hackers

    Design Doesn’t Have to Be Mysterious Uncover the visual tools at work everywhere so you can decipher then create beautiful design   Face it: the old “Frankendesign” approach isn’t working We’ve all been there: you’re staring at a blank canvas, and suddenly everything is still. You can’t make a single move. Meanwhile, visions

Jonathan Levi – Become a Speed Demon!

Become a SPEED DEMON The Master Class Jonathan Levi Superlearner (800+wpm), Life Hacker, Entrepreneur, Investor, Published Author Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on Udemy. After successfully selling his Inc 5,000 rated startup in April of 2011, Levi

Chris Lee – Authority SEO 2018

  This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step lessons that allow you to walk through each of the five phases of building and growing an authority blog. No guesswork. No more mental roadblocks. No more confusions about link building. No more frustrations with ranking. No