Philip Vandusen – Brand Strategy 101

What’s Inside Brand Strategy 101   Module 1 STRATEGIC COMPONENTS Module Description: We’ll de-mystify brand strategy and show you that it’s not as complicated as many people would have you believe. We’ll define some of the key terms and tools and illustrate how you can use it to increase your revenue. Module Highlights: Brand Strategy

Niti Sarran – Instagram Empire

This course was built to hold nothing back. I’m not upselling you anything unlike my competitors. You get everything you need right here. You won’t be able to find this information and strategies anywhere else on the internet! This course has 15+ hours worth of content. It’s broken down into 40+ video lessons that teach you everything from explosive growth hacks for organic and paid growth, branding strategies to turn your

Melissa Henault -The LinkedIn Method Academy

HERE’S THE PROBLEM: You’re spending WAY too much time on social media looking for clients and business partners. You’re spending WAY too little time in direct conversations with like-minded professionals who would actually love to hear about the business opportunity or service you have to offer. I see so many painstakingly trying to drag potential clients

Miha Matlievski – FrameWork4Freedom

  You can become an expert entrepreneur and build a recession proof business from the ground up in less than two months with my bulletproof process. I promise you, you won’t find this special offer anywhere else. Introducing Framework 4 Freedom Teaches you how to start a sustainable 6-figure business. Uses proven and tested processes

Shelby Fowler – Fempire Ads Academy

INTRODUCING Fempire Ads Academy     A 12-month program where you’ll learn how to run successful Facebook and Instagram ads. You’re getting experienced mentorship (from my team that run ads for a living), results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, on-demand training, and a community of ambitious, focused business owners.   SalesPage (more info)  Archive Shelby Fowler

Laura Palladino – Smart Social

Ready to unlock the next level of scale? Social is the key. You might be wondering, “Is social media still relevant to a modern digital brand?” Social isn’t just relevant; it’s probably the most important part of a sustainable marketing strategy, and it’s usually the missing piece of the puzzle for brands that have plateaued and want to